Massachusetts Charters On The Ballot, Virginia Transgender Case On The Docket, Child Care, Reading Science, New Jersey LIFO & School Finance, Paul Quinn Goes Field To Farm, The Chiefs On SNS, Turnarounds, Petrilli On Campaign Finance…Headwear, And Raccoons, Adorable But Dangerous!

Sara Mead on child care deserts. Not desserts, deserts. This is not an article about sliced apples. More on SNS below but do not miss Bellwether’s Max and Chad on the issue here. 

Do you want the process-oriented argument around administrative authority and the transgender guidance from USDOE? That’s it! The 74 looks at the stakes.

In MA here’s a look at Question 2, the charter referendum and some of the complicated issues around it.

There is not a science of many things in education, for instance a science of how to be a great 10th-grade history teacher. But, there is science around reading. And we ignore it. Here’s an interview about some aspects of that. Unfortunately, we’ve politicized reading so much – it’s not an overstatement to say there are Democratic and Republican ways to teach reading and think back to Reading First – that the state of play in the field remains poor.

And one more time into the breach! A rich curriculum and good teaching and these reading tests sort of take care of themselves…

New Jersey parents seeking to end last in, first out layoffs there also want to put the brakes on Chris Christie’s school terrible finance ideas.

The state chiefs on supplement not supplant. Tennessee Senator and HELP chair Alexander likes it! CRPE looks at turnarounds and consideration for states in the ESSA era.

Ed Trust report looks at the perspectives of black teachers. NACPS looks at what’s happening with charters where they are dense. New Classrooms asks students about tech.

Mike Petrilli wants Elizabeth Warren to return her union money because of her stance on donations. Aaron Churchill wants plain language on school finance ballot questions. Low odds on both.

Kudos to CATO for an event that really brings together genuinely diverse perspectives on a question. If your event doesn’t feature this much dissonance of viewpoint, ask yourself why.

Is anyone reading your stuff?

Paul Quinn decided to ditch football and open a farm instead.

This is a very fine item. This raccoon was implicated in a shooting.

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