Edujob: CEO ReNEW Schools In New Orleans

 Here’s an edujob in one of America’s great cities:

ReNEW is driven by its mission to ensure that students are academically and emotionally prepared to access the full range of life choices that are the fundamental right of every child in the city. Focused on results, ReNEW uses data to measure progress toward ambitious academic goals, and find solutions to overcome obstacles. ReNEW’s dedicated and talented team collaborates to serve students and assumes shared responsibility for their success. Reflective and committed to continuous improvement, ReNEW team members proactively offer and solicit feedback, maximize strengths, develop themselves professionally, and learn from their mistakes to give students the best education possible. They invent, refine, and imagine practices and policies to successfully meet students’ needs, and they establish schools as safe and exciting places of learning. Fueled by the promise that all children can learn, team members approach their work with joy and enthusiasm for the impact ReNEW Schools can make on the community and in recognition of their students’ achievements.

ReNEW Schools is proud to operate six distinct schools in New Orleans.

You can learn more and apply through this link.

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