Pianta On Teacher Prep Regs, 16 Ideas, Charter Book, Charter Data, Charter Arguments, College Choice. Plus Crime Scenes.

Just a reminder, you can always find me on Twitter with education content and various other things.  Did you see this 16 ideas for education policy? From food to blockchain, charters, hiring, alt schools, and pre-k. And more!

Very solid new book on charter schools, what’s worked, what’s not working, and what do we know? Max Eden on the charter debate in Massachusetts. And charter school demographic data.

Bob Pianta, Dean of the Curry School of Education at UVA*, on the new teacher prep regulations:

Recently U.S. Secretary of Education John King announced the Department’s new regulations for a teacher preparation program accountability system. This is the Department’s final rule concerning the Federal role in regulating teacher preparation under Title II of the Higher Education Act, with provisions very similar to prior versions. On cue, Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, rejected the rules out of hand.

Will other professional groups, also opposed to prior version of these regulations, break ranks and stand down from obstructing requirements that student learning be an outcome for which teacher preparation programs should be held accountable? Instead, will they stand up and lead the profession, to ensure these regulations are implemented with rigor? If both major teachers’ unions and the association of colleges of teacher education again line up in opposition, painting these as another instance of over-valuing high stakes testing, they will have secured their position as obstructing the long-term improvement of the profession they claim to represent.

Interesting look at young people on the cusp of big decisions. Broader frame than you often see on these pieces – not everyone is choosing between Amherst, Yale, and Princeton…

Plan your crime spree now.

*I am on the board and teach there.

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