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You were probably under the impression that the answer is 42. Turns out it’s 8.5. And this story about 8.5 from Texas is ugly.

Here are sixteen education policy ideas for the next President (pdf).

Cynthia Tucker Haynes on charter schools and the African-American community.

The long-running backlash against charter schools — now stoked to a full frontal assault — has been fueled largely by the traditional educational establishment, which views them as a threat. That establishment fears unfavorable comparisons with traditional public schools and more job losses for teachers and principals in low-performing ones. The sense of insecurity is especially keen among black educators, many of whom are, of course, active members of the NAACP.

For generations, teaching has been the backbone of the black middle class, and the movement for public education reform has driven a wedge between black teachers and principals, on one side, and poor and working-class black parents, who are desperately seeking alternatives to the low-performing schools in their neighborhoods, on the other. Last year, the Black Alliance for Educational Options released a survey of black voters in four states — Alabama, Louisiana, New Jersey and Tennessee. It found that majorities in each state favor charters.

Interesting RAND/Wallace study on summer learning opportunities. Yes, it turns out that if students attend academic programs during the summer it might boost their achievement. Low income kids! Some limitations on study design and findings but directionally promising.

Climate change coming to schools – quite literally.

Schools are always a common place to fight out our social and cultural battles: Good News Clubs versus After School Satan Clubs.

Reducing suspension and generally improving discipline practices in schools is an important goal – but absent some real support for implementation brace for a backlash. 

It’s  hard to miss a lot of parallels between our debate over policing and the debate over teaching both in how it’s discussed, institutional culture and capacity, and the various ideas for remedies.

Pay tribute to the arch.

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