16 For 2016: Policy Ideas For The Next Administration

New publication from Bellwether today: 16 school ideas for the next administration (pdf). They include interesting ideas on perennial education issues like choice, teacher quality and data. But also ideas on topics including food, trafficking, and blockchain technology.

Contributors include wonks you probably know but also national leaders on various issues – Chef Tom Colicchio, Gold medalist Steve Mesler, and farming leader Lindsey Lusher Shute. It’s a fantastic group.

You can read them all and learn more about the project here (pdf).

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  1. Here’s a suggestion: next time you publish a collection of policy ideas, include a chapter that emphasizes the value of gathering practices that are proven by high quality research and using them far more widely. The IES Practice Guides were started up in the Bush Administration. There needs to be much more such work. And, more important, these practices that work need to be promoted in accountability policy, school improvement efforts, best uses of funds, and teacher preparation programs.

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