Coming Attractions

I am taking August away from the blog but you will be in great hands with some terrific guestbloggers, here’s the line-up:

Week of August 1st: Ari Rozman, Tim Daly, and David Keeling from EdNavigator

Week of August 8th: Kira Orange Jones of Teach For America and the Louisiana Board of Education.

Week of August 15th: Kevin Kosar of the R Street Institute and fishing and whiskey fame. 

Week of August 22nd: Derrell Bradford of NYCAN.

Week of August 29th: Alex Hernandez of the Charter School Growth Fund.

Just a reminder, Bellwether doesn’t take positions on any policy issues other than those that affect 501(c)3 organizations as a class. So nothing that’s ever on this blog, any of our blogs, or any of our bylined work should be construed to be an organization position or viewpoint.  We’re into ideological heterodoxy and there are lively and productive disagreements about a range of issues across our team.

More content today, fish tomorrow, but for now enjoy these good folks and happy summer.

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