DNC Blogging, Eduwonk Guestbloggers, Counterintuitive Goings On, College Advice, PC Debate

Bellwether is still blogging the DNC with The 74.  Bloomberg spoke last night. Short version: Doesn’t care for Trump, does care about better schools.

Here at Eduwonk, guestbloggers all of August, great line up.

A few intuitive and counterintuitive things:

Malcolm Gladwell on how America’s elite colleges are awol from the fight for economic mobility. BTW – for all the talk of privilege these days don’t look for anyone to voluntarily give up this one. Classic case of tough medicine being great for others!

On public pensions if you think they are about minimizing risk you’re missing the big picture.

James Merriman asks why the Democrats would weaken on support for charter schools now? William Haft on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s fight against charter schools. 

Interesting Pew data on the PC debate. And a new documentary about comedy includes some campus angles because some comics won’t play campuses anymore.

Stephen Smith with some straight ahead advice on choosing a college.

Sad news: Susan Traiman has passed.

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