Willingham On Ed Tech, Race And Gifted Education, Private School Choice Effects, Transgender Bathroom Debate, Internships And Exploitation, TX Finance. Buffaloed!

I posted an edujob this morning and there are more further down the page.

Dan Willingham takes no prisoners:

It’s time to admit we don’t know what we’re doing when it comes to educational technology.

Here’s a new meta analysis on research on private school choice effects (pdf). A multi-classroom teacher looks back.

Dual enrollment and Pell grants.

One media climate thought on the unfolding transgender bathroom debate. Shark attacks are never more prevalent than when the media decides to focus on them. What I mean is that as this debate plays out I suspect we may see the same thing with bathroom assaults. Some intrepid analyst should figure out what the baseline for assaults in public restrooms is, because it does happen (unrelated to any transgender issues), but in the current environment you can bet any new episode will get more and distorted attention. We see this with school violence now, individual episodes are highlights, without context, and create a misleading narrative about what’s actually going (or rather not going) on.

Meanwhile, Ed Kilgore thinks the whole thing is political rope a dope. Ross Douthat not so sure.

In The Washington Post a look at unpaid internships and paid college credit. I took a look at unpaid internships earlier this year in USN.  I’ve been on a few sides of this supervising credit-bearing internships (and independent study projects) among other things. Colleges aren’t wrong when they say it costs money to run oversee programs like this. But they neglect to mention that many of these programs have no real oversight at all. Sometimes someone from the college is involved to make sure the educational components of the internship are real and check in on the student experience. Other times, no contact once the internship starts or even as the student is securing it in the first place. So as with some other internship issues the bright lines are less useful as a marker than the structure of individual programs, which can be good or exploitive.

Ron Ferguson on reducing racial disparities in gifted education.  Evergreen: It’s often hard out there for recent college graduates. Yet somehow they muddle through.  On the recent Texas finance decision Sandy Kress starts with Dostoyevsky and ends with chess. John King on diversity in the teaching force.

On the big education equity question of our age, “whose lawyers are smarter?” here’s CRS with their take (pdf).

Pre-K choice: 

a shocking number of preschools in the area employed teachers who divide their attention between more than one student instead of dedicating all their time to the education, care, and positive mental stimulation of her son

Most successful woman on Everest ever cleans houses in the northeast.

Last week I pointed to a link mocking tourists for getting too close to bison in Yellowstone. Apologies for such a narrow interpretation, apparently they’re actually suitable as house pets. But not this people, please…

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