Centrist Reform, Tenure Lawsuit Joined, Mehlhorn On The Schools You Deserve, New Pahara Fellows, Educator Demographics, Math PD, High School Achievement, Cheerleading Lawsuits, Surveys Of Teachers & Parents, Education R & D, What Did Paterno Know When? Plus Doorbell Ringing Alligators!

It’s a rainy May 6th in the east. On this date in 1968 Neil Armstrong had to punch out of a lunar lander trainer and was almost killed. He was back at his desk an hour later…

New Class of Pahara – Aspen education fellows announced this week. More here.

Cool math PD here. BrightBytes partnering with iKeepSafe on student data privacy.

Department of Education report on educator demographics.

Paul Hill & Ashley Jochim on maintaining centrist education reform. Marilyn Rhames on Walton and Chicago. Dmitri Mehlhorn on raising our aspirations for public schools. President of the Minneapolis NAACP joins the anti-tenure lawsuit there. And Joe Nathan says charters are turning out to be Minnesota nice. Andrew Kelly says the sky is still not falling on student loans.

Blagg and Chingos say pay attention to the NAEP high school results:

The data strongly suggest that stagnant achievement among high school students is a real phenomenon. This result is consistent across different versions of NAEP and with other achievement tests and does not appear to result from changes in who is taking the test (e.g., as a result of rising high school graduation rates), flaws in test design and administration, or declining student effort.

New NWEA survey of parental views on testing (pdf). Emmeline Zhao takes a look:

Educators working in low-income districts, however, are more likely to worry about too much testing than those who teach in middle- and high-income districts. This difference in perception across teachers and parents in the same communities, researchers say, show that while the potential exists for closing opportunity gaps with tests, the connection between promoting equity through assessments isn’t perfectly linear. And overall, teachers, principals, and superintendents worry far more than parents and students about overtesting.

Here’s a CEP survey of teachers. 

Lifeguard pensions:

….he rescued several people over the years, he said, while maintaining a high level of physical fitness and risking skin cancer from prolonged exposure to the sun. His lifeguard pension should not be viewed any differently from the larger pension he is collecting after 25 years of teaching in public schools.

Harvard is barring members of single gender clubs from student leadership positions. Possible First Amendment violation and controversial. Also means no recommendations for key scholarships and opportunities including Rhodes. Stay tuned.

Here’s a GIF of Illinois teacher workforce data. Mayoral control pushback in New York City. New evidence about what Coach Paterno knew when. The sorry state of education R & D. Alex Medler says don’t forget about authorizing in the charter – district collaboration conversation.

The United States Supreme Court is going to determine if cheerleading uniforms are art. Real money riding on the outcome.

Alligator goes door knocking. Wild turkey apparently looking for Wild Turkey?

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