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Pope Francis is a school choice supporter.

In Amoris Laetitia, the pontiff reiterates the church’s teaching that choice in education is a fundamental right of parents who are “called to defend and of which no one may claim to deprive them,” meaning the state must not deny parents the right to select their child’s educational path, be it public or private, regardless of their financial means.

Here’s a really interesting interview with Michele McLaughlin about education research and policy.  And here’s an awful teaching story from Alaska:

When Jennifer moved to Alaska to teach in a rural village, she didn’t know the state has the highest rate of reported rape in the country. Then, men started banging on her door at night.

Gosh, if only there were actual data on the opt-out movement we wouldn’t have to speculate about demographics. Anecdotes more fun though.

Chad Aldeman has your state-by-state FAFSA data here.  The 74 looks at what’s happening in Buffalo.  Denver school board appointment resolution.

On Friday I took a look at all these education lawsuits in USN.

When it comes to Sanders’ free-college plan is it the wealthy feeling the bern? Bloomberg View says both Dem candidates walking away from K-12:

Neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton is defending one of President Barack Obama’s most important legacies: education reform. Instead of taking on the teachers’ unions, as the president did, both candidates offer an agenda that amounts to spending more and demanding less. It’s not a winning combination.

In Newark, unity or machine politics? Or a new era for charters there?

Perspectives on charter school authorizing and special education.  Survey on swing voters and policy preferences from PPI. Includes education angles.

Here’s some information about adjudicated students in California – that points the need for more information to improve quality for them.

When Prince rocked Gallaudet.

Return of free debate to college campuses.

Teacher 3D prints duck feet. Really.

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  1. regardless of their financial means
    I don’t think school choice supporters are going to support paying the tuition of $20,000 to go to Pinecrest, Georgetown Visitation, Georgetown Prep or the $30,000+ for Sidwell Friends or Holton Arms.

  2. Everyone is for “choice” in education. What many of us are against is Beverly Hills Elementary for the rich (with taxpayers in charge) and all-black test-prep academies for the poor (with disenfranchised taxpayers). We are against private individuals and corporations siphoning school tax money into private pockets. We are against testing fraud and disingenuous teacher “evaluations.” We are opposed to placing the least experienced teachers in the most challenging schools. Above all, we are against herding children of color into segregated schools with questionable practices.

    People who support genuine choice will advocate for subsidized housing in all communities and open enrollment in ALL tax supported schools. Rich people, charitable organizations and churchgoers can sponsor needy children in private and parochial schools. Historically Catholic schools have been available to most children whose parents want them to attend.

    School “choice” started out as a good idea from caring teachers who wanted the freedom to try new ideas but has evolved into a way for greedy people to siphon school tax money into private pockets. I’m sure the pope didn’t have this kind of “choice” in mind.

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