Edujobs! Broad Academy And Alliance College-Ready Public Schools

Three interesting and impactful edujobs:

At The Broad Center they are seeking a Managing Director, Alumni & Network Services and a Managing Director for the Broad Academy.  These are both great roles overall but you also get to work with Becca Bracy Knight who is a terrific leader in our sector.

The Broad Academy (TBA) is a highly selective, advanced professional development program for talented, innovative leaders from across the nation. The Academy works with these transformative leaders to drive dramatic gains in student achievement in large-city school districts, high-performing urban public charter school systems, state and federal education agencies, and public turnaround systems.

In California, Alliance College-Ready Public Schools are seeking a  Chief Talent Officer.
The first Alliance campus opened in 2004 at the corner of Western and Martin Luther King Blvd. with a small group of dedicated educators serving a few hundred families who wanted something better for their children. Today, with more than 6,000 graduates, Alliance is the largest nonprofit charter organization in Los Angeles, providing opportunities and access for nearly 12,000 low-income students across 27 free, high-performing, public charter high schools and middle schools.

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  1. “The Broad Academy (TBA) is a highly selective, advanced professional development program for talented, innovative leaders from across the nation.” Here are some of the “talented, innovative leaders” from the Broad Academy:

    Jean-Claude Brizard (BSA Class of 2007)
    Resigned under pressure

    Randolph Bynum (BSA Class of 2007)
    Quit under pressure

    Arnold Woodrow “Woody” Carter (BSA Class of 2002)
    Fired for “material breach of contract.”

    John Covington (BSA Class of 2008)
    He had held the position for only two years. Covington had manufactured a dispute with the board president so he could renege on his contract. Also, one month after Covington’s resignation, the district lost its state accreditation, in part because of unstable leadership.

    John Deasy (BSA Class of 2006)
    He was found to have improperly received his doctorate. Resigned amid a corruption scandal.

    Maria Goodloe-Johnson (BSA Class of 2003)
    Fired for numerous issues including falsifying statistics.

    Edmond Heatley (BSA Class of 2008)
    Resigned due to numerous complaints, especially nepotism. Since his first resignation he has
    resigned from numerous position under pressure.

    LaVonne Sheffield (BSA Class of 2002)
    Resigned under community pressure

    Anthony “Tony” Tata (BSA Class of 2009)
    Presided over the Rhee DC cheating scandal. Resigned as a superintendent in NC after a short tenure and left education.

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