Pearson – AFT Absurdity, Student Data And Research, SEA’s Lack Capacity, Education Equality Index, Climbing Kids

Pearson and the AFT continue to battle. Union investors don’t think they’re getting their money’s worth from a company they loathe and attack non-stop. Really. Ed Week here.  (Gotta give credit where it is due on tactics, this is distracting from some more fundamental questions about these relationships).

House Education and Workforce Committee looking at student data privacy and research. Obviously some legitimate issues here worthy of concern, but also some zealotry and mixed agendas (some of this is a not so subtle anti-accountability push, all that data is inconvenient). I recently reviewed a forthcoming study looking at toxins and student outcomes. Issues around students at birth are pretty well-established but this is groundbreaking because it looks at later life outcomes for students but would not be possible with some of the restrictions being proposed – and all the data was anonymized so the privacy issues in that case are minimal. This is an important balance to get right – easy to get wrong.

On the same issue this panel on the 29th at Urban looks outstanding.

Post secondary choices in Alaska. Should be a reality show. Here’s an evergreen issue: State education agencies lack capacity.

Education Equality Index from Education Cities.

These kids are climbers. 

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