Teacher Pensions Sneak Peak, Huffman Heresy, More Mitchel & Aldeman, Online Tests Are Different, Acts Of War, Lots Of Deniers, Alexis Morin, Robin Lake, And Leon Bridges!

Super Bowl ads are fun but here’s a sneak preview of a three minute video that can actually help educators understand their retirement risks. We’re releasing it next week. Send it to teachers you care about to help them understand the architecture of their retirement and what it means.

Not everyone liked Ashley Mitchel and Chad Aldeman’s teacher prep paper. Mitchel has more on the papers here. But Sara Mead says in a few areas we know more than people realize.

Detroit schools emergency manager (who is also a player in the Flint disaster) is out.  One fewer anti-Common Core lawsuits, LA dropping its case using the new federal law as political cover.

War, what is it good for? Rallying your members….Anyway, in Chicago, I get it, the board and the union are at odds. What’s new? But “act of war?” Really? Haven’t we seen enough of those over the last 15 years (and 15 months) to maintain a little perspective? Apparently not.

How to discredit a good  idea – implement it badly. And mental health support is an important and under-appreciated issue.

Co-ed wresting. Where have all the teachers gone? Kevin Huffman with pre-k heresy! Marcus Winters on charter deniers. David Whitman on Common Core deniers. Walton Family Foundation on deniers of problems with online education.

Breaking: Online tests add a new modality to other assessment challenges. The digital divide is more complicated than yes/no on access.

My B-school is too corporate!  (Say some Yale SOM stakeholders). Decide for yourself – their education conference is usually outstanding*. It’s April 7-8 this year.

CRPE’s Robin Lake on thinking systemically. TFA on portable benefits. Updated Brookings Education Choice and Competition Index is out. There is a lot of debate in state legislatures about transgender issues – and some of that impacts schools and youth.

Alexis Morin interview.

New Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation analysis of post-secondary performance indicators (pdf). Next round of ESSA policymaking is underway.

Leon Bridges.

*Disc – I’m on the advisory board for it so I would say that’s probably despite not because of my suggestions.

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