CAP On Teachers, WISE Survey Results, Kress, Hettleman, & Aldeman! Counterfactuals? We Don’t Need No Stinking Counterfactuals!

Survey data on global takes on school quality via the WISE Summit happening now.

Important report on charters and special education finance. Some really good expertise brought together on this one. I was really excited about this new analysis of Common Core costs but then, “The analysis didn’t account for what would have been spent anyway.” Seems like relevant information, no?

CAP on building a better teaching profession.

Sandy Kress is not happy about Texas NAEP scores! Kalman Hettleman is not happy about the state of leadership in our sector.Non-monetary Incentives! Chad Aldeman on teacher retention and the economy (Tar Heel – two words! – edition). Teacher strike in Chicago?

Where do young people get their ideas about drinking? Oh right. Alaska farming.

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