A King Is Born! MacArthur Ed Winner, Teachers Union Bread Winners, Graduation Rate Data. Is College Over?

Some news at the Dep’t of Education today. Duncan’s leaving at a low-point media wise but to judge his tenure you have to look back the entire sweep and he was definitely a consequential secretary and put in place some work that should pay dividends for kids down the road. Big loser here is the teachers’ union. They wanted Duncan gone. But be careful what you ask for…Now they get John King who has less patience for the games than Duncan did.

Virtual student exchanges. Education related MacArthur Fellowship winner. Is college over?

Is this the future of unionism? Long term seems cheaper and maybe more effective than pay to play? Sometimes teachers unions want privatization? All that data out there now makes people ask questions. Don’t become one of these jerks who can’t acknowledge success, but you should ask questions!

Good essay if you want some weekend reading.

There are a lot of goats in the news. Bears, too.

Scroll down this page for fish pictures and edujobs. Did you know Politico’s Caitlin Emma has an ill-tempered betta?

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