How Not To Give Money To Charity, Not Everyone Is In It For The Kids, Catholic Ed, & Boehner

The Boehner retirement means a loss of a member who actually really cared about education. Possible NCLB overhaul impacts?

In that vein, Rick Hess makes an important point that people on all sides of various education issues care about kids – and it’s politically dangerous for Arne Duncan’s fans to try to use this argument as a trump card. But, Rick’s argument can also be taken too far and it’s also naive to think there are also not people who put various adult interests, politics, and issues first as well. That’s not a left-right issue, you see plenty of that in public and private on all sides. (And while issues like the unions and some common work rules are easy targets here, the problem is a lot more far reaching – rules about when schools can open in states with tourist dependent industries, Ohio’s approach to for-profit charters, the list is long…)

Today in charitable donations that won’t be made. 

With the Pope visiting the United States (and a school) here is a round up of some recent Bellwether work on Catholic schools. A lot of education news here.

Slash and burn approaches to education apparently a problem elsewhere, too.

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  1. My goodness Andrew Rotherham this statement applies more to you than anyone I know:
    “Indeed, this kind of certainty in one’s own righteousness can even lead one into a double standard, as Duncan views the actions of others through a lens very different than the one he applies to himself.”
    It seems clear to me that you really think anything that is good for Bellwether is good for kids. This is very apparent when you dismiss Diane Ravitch criticisms.

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