Arne Duncan: Talking Points Writer, NEA: HRC Endorser, Charters, Camden, And The Teacher Evaluation Canard?

It was beautiful with a multitude of branches and no teacher evaluations…

I’m eager to visit the untouched world where if there just hadn’t been teacher evaluations the education sector would have been fine with real accountability attached to more ambitious standards in the Common Core era. I’ve heard tell of such a place…Isn’t it possible that teacher evaluations are the thing we’re fighting about now but absent that issue it would just be another one? History sure suggests that’s the case…Because, you know, I’m sure those people who were yelling racist things at John King at open meetings were actually just concerned that the weights in the new teacher evaluation system didn’t comport with their view of what matters most to effective teaching…

Meanwhile, let’s not forget that there was/is a real issue here. The policy might be messy and in some cases wanting for some fixes but this isn’t some trumped up problem. The quality of instruction seems kinda central to what we’re supposed to be doing in this sector?

The NEA leadership is not feeling the Bern. If they need help spinning this Arne Duncan is probably their guy. Turns out he helped the NEA write the talking points they used to condemn him at their national meeting. (If you view this as a rooting sport please don’t look behind the curtain, it will ruin things for you).

Here’s a new tool for aspiring teachers.

Do college students even know how to fight for what they want anymore? Charter love from the Department of Education. Virtual reality seems redundant in this sector. More Camden: “Many of the people inside the building weren’t from Camden. Neither were half of the protesters who gathered outside.” Education is not the only field with some intergenerational tension going on.

Here’s a lot of education news all in one place.

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  1. Your first paragraph shows the perils of sarcasm. I guess if I read through a report you wrote three years ago and had attended every cocktail party/reception you’ve been to in the last twenty, I might be able to figure out who is supposed to be “right” and who is supposed to be “wrong,” but as it is I am, alas, clueless. I hope this won’t be on the test.

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