If You’re Going To Mess With Chad Aldeman…Better Bring Evidence

Part 1: Teacher attrition might not be what you’ve been hearing….

Part 2: He will read your prior writings and haunt your dreams.

3 Replies to “If You’re Going To Mess With Chad Aldeman…Better Bring Evidence”

  1. Bill Jones brought great evidence on Calif. Teacher Pensions and Chad never responded…….

  2. Well done statistical analyses look at the data from multiple angles. Part I highlights just one metric: the teacher retention rate. Isn’t this cherry picking?

  3. Nothing more dramatically shows the contempt the state-operated school district obviously feels for the residents of Newark than the way its leaders–first Cami Anderson and now Christopher Cerf–keep parents uninformed about even dramatic changes in their schools. Consider the strange case of H. Grady James, the on-again, off-again, vanishing principal of the Hawthorne Avenue School. Who has now reappeared.


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