GOP And Preschoolers, Newark Charters, Gifted Students, Landrieu On NOLA Ed, AIR On Loans, A Loveless Sample

Sara Mead handicaps the 2016 GOP candidates on pre-k education.

Donald Trump, his primary track record on early childhood education seems to be the number of times other people have compared him to a preschooler.”

There is also some analysis of the candidates who do have records or positions. Speaking of Trump, the buried lede here is a 43,000 seat high school football stadium.

Newark charter schools offer some lessons. Everyone says teachers do God’s work, but when you try to call them ministers you’re going to get some pushback (ministers aren’t covered by the NLRB). Chester Finn is worried about gifted kids. I think they are doing fine.

Mary Landreiu on what’s happening in New Orleans with schools. Here she is on video talking about the same thing with Carl Cannon and me as well as about why the NOLA story is so distorted.

New York’s not going to sanction schools/districts with a lot of opt-outs. That’s a smart approach in my view. But what about accountability for school personnel involved in all this, doesn’t that cross a line?

AIR takes a look at the literature on loan forgiveness for teachers. And here’s an interesting idea from Tom Loveless: Reporters run with flimsy studies all the time, they often don’t know who to ask for some help understanding whether the methods have any validity. But if you’re at a regional or national outlet you can walk down the hall to whomever oversees polling. They can tell you some basic stuff for sure…with guns, fire, and research safety starts with you!

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  1. From the Newark charter schools report:
    Startup:Education also extends thanks to Paul Bernstein for his invaluable support and guidance; and to Pershing Square Foundation, Foundation for Newark’s Future, Newark Charter School Fund, NewSchools Venture Fund, and local funders for their ongoing partnership and commitment.

    For the rest of the story, check out Bob Braun, retired reporter at

  2. Your piece on New Orleans is so naive it is laughable. I was in NOLA in ’06 and ’07 and I witness the extent to which “creaming” was done by charter school. In addition I am in communication with many in education in the city and they all tell me it is only getting worse. This piece from the New York Times is far closer to the truth.


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