Education On The Campaign Trail, No Brunch Left Behind

Parents want more fruits and vegetables in school lunches. Unclear what it means for this USDA initiative.

Education will be a hot issue on the trail in New Hampshire today. That’s not something that happens all the time, or almost ever actually…Campbell Brown will discuss education with the candidates at The 74’s education forum. Highlights:

  • Gov. Jeb Bush: 9:00am
  • Carly Fiorina: 9:45am
  • Gov. John Kasich: 10:30am
  • Gov. Scott Walker: 1:45pm
  • Gov. Bobby Jindal: 2:30pm
  • Gov. Chris Christie: 3:15pm

You can watch live here all day.

Dem event coming in October.

4 Replies to “Education On The Campaign Trail, No Brunch Left Behind”

  1. More thuggery from the Republicans. About the only difference between them and the rioters of Baltimore is that they haven’t killed anyone yet.

  2. Phil,

    The progressive edu-reformers are borderline scientologists.
    They are equally crazy. They substitute their crazy growth mindset nostrums with their “audits” (tests) and with their “theta” ideas.

    Real that nut job L. Ron Hubbard to get the idea.

    I have the solution and it took some time in coming to it:

    Make CC an opt in program. Let parents CHOOSE that program. If they wish NOT to participate then let them receive a traditional education.

    I want to ask you a simple question:

    Why is it that the second a child walks across the graduation platform at high school they enter the academic world of TRADITONAL EDUCATION?


    I am going to make a prediction:

    This CC debate is headed to the SCOTUS where the principle of freedom and parental choice will arise in full force. Experts will provide testimony, much like the edu-reformer did to condemn publics, that CC curriculum is PURE GARBAGE and NOT scientifically proven.

    CC will the become an opt in provision and MOST parents will OPT OUT.

    Vouchers will then become the norm, and parents will walk away.

    And bam! End of the CC business model.

    CC is a stupendous business model. It is NOT kid centered.

  3. So, Carly Fiorina lies about Karen Lewis , head of the Chicago Teachers Union.
    Does Campbell Brown query Fiorina on her lying?
    Does Andrew Rotherham tell people that Carly lied?

    What is it with the Professioanl Education Reform crowd?
    That if your thoughts are in the “right” place, you can lie?
    We have seen that on this website.
    Michelle Rhee is found to have lied about teachers she fired, about her supposed success at Harlem Park ES and Andrew Rotherham defends her.
    Cami Anderson lies about her doings in Newark and Mr. Rotherham covers.
    Campbell Brown and Andrew Rotherham tell us that the teachers and their unions prevent the police from arresting teachers accused of child sexual abuse and that they prevent the DA from even investigating.
    Frederick Hess allows “Dr” John Deasy to lie about his time in Prince George’s County Maryland.

    IF I was a conservative, I’d note that this is to be expected After all, look at the way their fellow travelers, whether in Kampuchea, China, Russia, France , Cuba, Iraq, Somalia, Iran have behaved.

    I really don’t understand.

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