One thought on “Teacher Pensions: Eating Their Young

  1. bill jones

    Changes to pensions make jobs increasingly unattractive to ALL workers.

    The best and brightest are thinking,”Wow, they could do that to me when I hit 30 and am STUCK in this miserable line of work.”

    The worst and dimmest are thinking, “Well, it is all I can do so might as well grin and bear it.”

    What makes you think the best and brightest in STEM will put up with it?

    I am convinced you are more concerned with a low paid, compliant, part-time work force than anything else. Being from the liberal arts of course adds to the arrogance coefficient. All that time in the student union as far as possible from real work in labs, can convince anyone they are the best and brightest.

    Good God what would happen if you all got your hands on our military. God help us!

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