Common Core Heat!

The RealClearEducation heat map of Common Core pushback is updated.

2 Replies to “Common Core Heat!”

  1. A No Child Left Behind rewrite is an interesting concept. Curious to see how things will change now that so many states have done away with the Common Core.

  2. It is going to be interesting. I believe school districts are going to have to be working closely with providing district PLC teams to create various strategies with the development of unique and different ways students learn. Until this whole NCLB and Common Core issue is ironed out we need to stay focused on what is really at stake. The future of our nation as a whole.
    Our children being moved from one place to another for reasons beyond their control. What is acceptable in one state should be exceptable in another in order for a k-12 student to decide whether or not college is for them.

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