Common Core, Pre-K, NOLA, Is College For All A Phantom Menace? It Varies! All That, TFA Vs. Malkin And More…

If pre-K advocates think this is the biggest problem with how pre-K is being rolled out in New York City they’re kidding themselves. I’m worried this whole thing could set the cause of universal pre-k back. But on the economic integration point charter school pre-K programs could play an instrumental role here. (By the way, is there any education issue the Century Foundation doesn’t think more economic integration will fix? Winter is coming, I get it.)

Chad Aldeman on high school graduation rates: Even discounting for the scams, something is happening.

Liz Farmer on the mess that is New Jersey fiscal and pension policy. Also, Paul Volcker on the larger issues at play in states.

David Osborne looks at New Orleans and charter schools.

In the battle you knew would come it’s Michelle Malkin vs. Teach For America in the first round. If there are any TFA alums who vote Republican or perhaps own a gun this might be a good time for the organization to produce them. This push from the right doesn’t balance out the attacks from the left – it doubles down on the organization’s political liabilities and this isn’t going make TFA’s left-leaning critics change their minds.

Mike Petrilli is not on board with the “college for all” movement (but says, sensibly, that schools should prepare more kids for college success). I’m not sure such a movement even exists? There is definitely a post-secondary for all movement – including a variety of post-secondary paths that don’t involve traditional four-year college – that I subscribe to. But I don’t meet too many people who think everyone should go to college. Some of the language may have become sloppy but who thinks everyone should go to college?

Richard Phelps takes no prisoners.

People get sick of hearing you say, “it varies” in response to questions about various educational issues. But that’s the answer more often than not in our decentralized system. Teacher experience? It varies!

Are ESA’s like the Nevada plan the “smartphone of school choice?” Perhaps, or they may turn out to be the iPhone 4 of school choice?

Good overview of the splits on school accountability policy via Emma Brown.

Hard to believe Virginia would try to limit parent choices…keep doing this long enough people notice and don’t like it.

ICYMI it’s Kati Haycock v. Marc Tucker.

TN teacher Joe Ashby on constant feedback via RealClearEducation.

I talked on NPR about Common Core goings on.

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