College And Career, Summer Melt, Presidential PreK, Pension Fees, YEP Survey, And Gulfstream U!

Sara Mead on pre-k and presidential politics.  There has to be a Pearson joke somewhere in this story about Measured Progress’ server problems.

The teachers unions need to get their story straight on pensions. Is the reason to not switch to 401k-style plans because then investment managers would make gazillions in fees or are today’s pension plans fleecing participants because investment managers are making gazillions in fees?

Summer Melt is one of those things like Sweetbread that sounds a lot better than it actually is (in education Rubber Room is another excellent example). MDRC with research on a strategy intended to curb Summer Melt for college bound students (pdf).

ACT on value-add model considerations. (pdf) Easy to dismiss it as junk. Harder but a lot more interesting to figure out how it can be used to improve schools. And here’s ACT on the career side of ‘college and career readiness.’ (pdf).

The annual YEP survey is out. Young professionals in education talk about jobs and careers.

Plutography. College shopping edition.

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