Scott Walker Didn’t Finish College And Rick Perry Had Lousy Grades, Does It Matter?

I take a look at the debate about candidate degrees and grades in a new column for U.S. News & World Report:

Let’s stipulate that it would be better all around if Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker had finished college – especially because he apparently came close to graduating from Marquette. It would be better for his advisers, because issues besides Walker’s non-degree might get attention. (Although after Walker’s past week, the academic credential issue probably looks better all the time.) It would be better for Democrats because they wouldn’t come off as snobs talking about the issue. Who knows, it might even be better for Walker himself. Sure, he’s governor of a major state and a serious presidential contender, but with a degree, perhaps he could have found honest work?

But does a candidate’s college experience – especially if it is years in the past with a public record interceding – matter to their fitness for high office…

Click here to read the entire column (and a surprising fact about Texas education). Send me your college war stories on Twitter. I’ll send a copy of Jack Jennings’ new federal policy book from Harvard Education Press to the first person who correctly ID’s the education reform leader who was a  classmate of Scott Walker’s at Marquette.

Update: Laura LoGerfo of NAGB is the winner. It’s DFER exec and former MJS reporter Joe Williams. Enjoy the book!

3 Replies to “Scott Walker Didn’t Finish College And Rick Perry Had Lousy Grades, Does It Matter?”

  1. College is less important when you have white privilege on your side. I does, however, present a problem when you are the head of a state that is trying to improve the educational attainment of children. Then again, Walker seems to be more concerned for job training than education.

  2. Jennifer it was Joe but you were beaten to it! A bunch of guesses, real and surreal, but the winner got it 2/27 in the afternoon. But, the prize was almost a vintage “Patrick Riccards for School Board” pin so keep playing!

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