New Edublog: Ahead Of The Heard


Bellwether’s new team blog, Ahead of the Heard, launches today. It’s a place for different team members to share different perspectives about what is happening in the sector.

Ahead of the Heard will be a regular home for commentary, analysis, and original insights from the Bellwether team. To learn more about the name of the blog and what you can expect to see, check out Sara Mead’s welcome post.

You’ve read smart guest posts from Bellwether team members here at Eduwonk in recent weeks — they now have Ahead of the Heard as a platform for ideas and conversations. Eduwonk will still be here but this will be a new way to get content from various analysts and practitioners on Bellwether’s team.

Up now at Ahead of the Heard are posts about how recent elections affect Preschool Development Grants, a landmark school finance ruling in Texas, and the importance of precise legislative language.

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  1. I will definitely check out the new blog. We need reform in the worst way and we need to push as hard as we can and then some to make sure it happens. Been reading Break the Silence by Shannon Hernandez. A former teacher who has taken to writing a great book on why education is failing and that reform is badly needed. A great read on this, her site is, well worth the look.

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