Friday Fish Pic – Take A Kid Fishing

IMG_0776Here’s a lovely picture of the daughter of Ellevation’s Jordan Meranus enjoying a day on the Colorado River near its headwaters last month. It’s not her first time on the blog, here’s one from 2007.

If you want to browse the world’s largest collection of education types with fish, more than 100 pictures, including – John Merrow, Jane Hannaway, Tim Taylor, Jim Griffin, Jim Ryan, Mark Medema, Paul Herdman, Kim Farris-Berg, Jamie Jo MacMillan, Rob Snowhite, Richard Whitmire, Joe Siedlecki, Renee Rybak, Josh Reibel, Ben Wallerstein, Van Schoales, David Whitman, Nicola Allen, James Willcox’s mom, and many more – then click here.

Got a picture? Email it to me.

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