The Three-Year College Degree?

It’s getting to be ideas season with the presidential campaign set to being in earnest in just few weeks. Paul Weinstein has an early entrant in the ideas primary: A three-year college degree. It’s not the seven minute abs of higher ed policy, check it out.

One Reply to “The Three-Year College Degree?”

  1. I think it should be two years. If Teach For America candidates can become effective teachers in five weeks, I see no reason why a college degree can’t be accomplished in a two year period. Eliminate electives and only require core classes, no minor just a major. And let students test out of anything the want with standardized tests. Further more it could all be done on line with computer graded multiple choice tests. A degree could cost as little as $2K. You wouldn’t need hardly any facilities. No football, bands, or other athletics. Existing schools could sell there real estate and make it even more cost effective. Taxes couple be lowered. They could use the no excuses KIPP philosophy of teaching. Can’t you just see it “KIPP Charter University.”

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