Jim Epstein On The Education Debate: “Where even distinguished professors wield spiked bats”

Harsh, but worth pausing for this look at the education “conversation.”

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  1. We have become a society where billionaires and media personalities are considered experts in every area, while those withe real experience and expertise are belittled. This happened in the run up to the Iraq failure. Bush and Cheney actively ignored most of those with real knowledge of the region. The same thing is going on in education.

  2. Oh, Allah, another person like the blind man walking into a room where there is an orgy going on and states: “I saw nothing happening.”

    Jim Epstein will find a seat with the Tedium Twins:
    MACNEIL: Good evening. The Roman procurator in Jerusalem is trying to decide whether a man regarded by many as a saint should be put to death. Pontius Pilate is being urged by civil libertarians to intervene in what is seen here in Rome as being basically a local dispute. Tonight, the crucifixion debate. Jim?

    JIM LEHRER: Robin, the provinces of Judaea and Galilee have always been trouble spots, and this year is no exception. The problem is part religious, part political, and in many ways a mixture of both. The Jews believe in one god. Discontent in the province has been growing, with many local businessmen complaining about the tax burden. Terrorism, particularly in Galilee, has been on the increase. In recent months, a carpenter’s son from the town of Nazareth has been attracting a large following with novel doctrines and faith healing. He recently entered Jerusalem amid popular acclaim, but influential Jewish leaders fear his power. Here in Alexandria the situation is seen as dangerous. Robin?

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