Save The Date: Bellwether Blog Training

For the past few years Bellwether has been hosting periodic trainings for current and aspiring education bloggers, particularly teachers and school administrators. We bring in accomplished journalists and social media professionals to help attendees improve how they write and how they market what they write during an intense one-day session. Admission is via competitive application based on ability to benefit (in other words, ability to be a learner in an adult learning community, the entire training is viewpoint neutral as is the admissions process). The next one will be Monday, August 11th, in Washington D.C. Sunday night arrival required. Stipends will again be available to defray travel costs.  More details and application soon but for now save the date if you are interested.

Here’s what some past attendees have to say:

“The Bellwether training has helped me with each and every blog post I’ve written since.” – Marilyn Rhames

 “I left feeling inspired and equipped to implement new strategies for getting my voice out there. I appreciated the quality of the presenters, the diversity and expertise of the other attendees, and the time that each of you took to make sure that everybody was getting what they needed out of the conference.” – Luke Foley, 2014 Vermont Teacher of the Year.

“Was some of the best training/professional development I’ve ever received…and in such a short amount of time!” – Brianna Crowley, High School English Teacher, Hershey, PA, and blogger.

The Bellwether Better Blogging conference was a great opportunity to meet influential professionals engaged in promoting their voices and perspectives online, and to learn from them how to better promote and refine my own classroom-based perspectives on education reform. – Mark Anderson, New York City Middle School Teacher & blogger.

 “The training gave me the tools to make my organization’s blog stand out from the crowd.  The presenters offered insights into not only creating content that jumps off the page, but also marketing it so that it attracts the widest audience and has the biggest impact.  I go back to tips from the training on a daily basis, as I’m creating headlines, promoting our blog on social media, and talking to teachers about how to tell their stories most effectively.” – Kate McGovern, Teach Plus.

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