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  1. Great link at RealEducation Politics to another example of Cami (Anderson) Gone Wild:
    Cami’s bad week

    Arne Duncan
    Arne Duncan
    US Education Secretary Arne Duncan met last Saturday with Cami Anderson, the state-appointed superintendent of Newark schools, and suggested she might be moving too fast to privatize the city’s schools with her “One Newark” plan. To which, according to sources at the meeting, Cami told Duncan he was wrong. A few days later, just hours after anti-Cami demonstrators twice closed down the city’s central business district during rush hour, she was hosted at a dinner where she was told by a number of old friends, including former state Education Commissioner Chris Cerf and former Mayor Cory Booker, that she was moving too fast.

    Still, Anderson actually has had a bizarre week that is making some wonder whether she doesn’t need a long vacation–maybe New Orleans. After refusing to attend a legislative hearing on her plan, she complained the Joint Committee on Public Schools was hearing only one side of the story. Two days after her meeting with Duncan, she published an extraordinarily–and embarrassingly–self-aggrandizing posting on the Huffington Post in which she took credit for singlehandedly enhancing women’s sports at the University of California and then complained her fellow women athletes turned against her for pushing too hard too quickly.

    Was that a message to Duncan?

  2. The war is on, not to help educate children, but to siphon public funds (mostly intended for poor children) into private pockets. Much of the public has no idea that it is now legal to take over a public school, collect all the tax money for those students and then make all decisions regarding that school without any input from taxpayers. Is this even constitutional?

    Well, the “tiger” has now been aroused in the form of parents and teachers. If you are making money from public education dollars without going near a child who is not your own, I recommend you tighten your belt because I predict the public school tax spigot will soon be turned off.

    Real reform, yes. Misappropriation of school tax money, no.

  3. Linda/ Retired Teacher. Well said. Thanks for continuing to fight the good fight against corporate reformers who don’t necessarily have the best interest of the students (or tax payers) at heart.

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