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It’s March 13th.  And it’s going to be an interesting day in the education world with a few reports coming out that seem sure to spark some debate. Watch our site for those. Also on the RealClearEducation home page this morning we have original commentary by Anne Hyslop and ex-TFAer Matthew Specht. RealClearEducation executive editor Andrew Rotherham and Richard Whitmire take a look at the national implications the charter school debate in New York City. We’ve also got our usual round-up of links from around the education world, just a few of which are previewed below in this email. Check back on our site later today for more of our Morning Commute interview with Colorado Congressman Jared Polis and for more top stories as we update throughout the day.
On this day in 1969, Apollo 9 screamed back to earth and splashed down under red and white parachutes in the Atlantic Ocean after a successful mission to test the lunar module. We sure were better at science and math back then! Actually, as Tom Loveless of the Brookings Institution reminded the audience at yesterday’s RealClearEducation launch, our math achievement lagged other countries in the 1960s, too. The issue was just viewed differently than it is today. Later in 1969, those mediocre mathematicians (with an assist from the Germans) put people on the moon and brought them home again, something no other country has accomplished.
The commander of Apollo 9 was astronaut James McDivitt who also flew on Gemini 4. He’s known as a graduate of the University of Michigan (two Wolverines were in the three-man crew for that mission) where he earned a B.A. and was later awarded a honorary doctorate. But he started his higher education at a community college – Jackson Junior College.
A good reminder of the diversity of America’s education system as well as the longevity and complexity of our educational challenges.

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