Behind The Scenes In NY

RealClearEducation editor Emmeline Zhao takes a look at the Common Core debate in New York.

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  1. ““NYSUT manufactured a problem,” said StudentsFirstNY Executive Director Jenny Sedlis. “They stressed out parents about those tests and they have not been a great partner in the implementation. It’s a race to dismantle those reforms by feeding anger and misinformation about the Common Core just so that each side can win votes in a very local election.””

    Was Jenny recently hanging around with Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

  2. As a teacher who is implementing the Common Core curriculum in Maryland, I can certainly relate to the teachers’ concerns in New York. Students are struggling a lot to grasp the new curriculum because of its high standards. With Common Core all of the sudden being implemented, students are dealing with gaps in their knowledge. With this issue, students are falling behind and struggling to keep up and in turn, teachers have to go back and fill in those gaps and run out of time to teach the common core standards fully.

    I do think that in the years to come, we will see the gaps slowly being filled as students move from grade to grade and that this system will improve. Change is difficult for some people and as with anything, it takes time to adjust.

  3. KrisitnL,
    The rollout should have been intelligently planned.
    It wasn’t.
    Change had to come now, or even yesterday, because we just can’t wait.
    And so, as you point out in your teaching, teachers will be playing a game of catchup, at least until their students have spend several years under the CC.
    So, we ‘ll see students losing out, but Drs. Grasmick or Lowery won’t be taking responsibility.

  4. Let’s speak plainly away from the jargon of the innoventors.

    North Carolina now faces a serious incentives problem for teachers. High risk low reward profile is now attracting those with nothing to lose. Some are traveling across stet lines for better rewards. Whoops!

    In NY Cuomo has suspended using CC data for students for 5 years citing that with the rollout of CC it may be a lousy a metric. He refuses to suspend the use of that data foe teacher dismissal.

    In CA AP ranking show it in sixth place. A union stronghold by any measure, the Innoventors were ble to caste it in negative light dying the results were in stark contrast to the abysmal ranking of CA in every other category.

    Innoventors and school leaders make 2-5 times as much has a high school AP physics teacher with a master’s in cloud physics. Some of them make more than a 4 star general or fleet admiral. Arnie is a classic case.

    CC has school districts paying top dollar to for profit companies for testing and the generation of years of student data by age and demographic. Sampling is no longer needed. The ENTIRE population’s data will be gathered and s stored at the student level. For profit edutesters have promised they will be good nod not use the sat foe bd things or invade the privacy f children or use this dat as some kind of quasi- IQ measurement or career placement tool.

    This data which taxpayers PAY testing companies to gather is worth trillions of dollars. And it is FREE to them.

    Our math and science teachers add the most value anywhere in the education value chain and yet they are held in low esteem nd receive pay http look like chump change when compared to the above four star admiral pay of our legions of innoventors.

    Finally, inn invention is an excuse for being a first class screw-up.

    If only this were not all true.

    Done on the iPad. In my drift bot for a float down the lower Sacramento for football sized rainbows. I can fish the pants, performances based, off any furrow browsed innoventors.

    We need straight pain talk on this issue. Nod it will never come from this tie or it legion of chatters.

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