WY Vying For IN’s Prize, Cuomo On Ed, & Raegen Miller On TFA Research

Don’t let the attention to the state chief – governor dispute in Indiana distract you from the crazy situation in Wyoming. The latest is a a payment dispute.

The CW has been that New York Governor Cuomo is going soft on education reform but his state of the state doesn’t really indicate that.  Details in this press release.

TFA’s Raegen Miller on TFA research debate.  Summary: He has more patience than most.

3 Replies to “WY Vying For IN’s Prize, Cuomo On Ed, & Raegen Miller On TFA Research”

  1. Professor Mehta:

    You might want to read Diane Ravitch’s most recent book. You will see that your ideas match many of hers.

    Of course, she would not agree with your opinions on Teach for America because these teachers don’t have the training and experience that both you and Ravitch espouse. And of course she would not want to see tax supported public schools in the hands of private individuals or companies as these schools belong to the public.

    As for KIPP, would you send your child? While these schools might help some children, we certainly can’t hold up a segregated academy with chants and stomps as an ideal to be emulated. We can do better and I believe we will.

    I’m glad to see that you support many of the strategies mentioned by Diane Ravitch in her books. Please join her in bringing authentic educational reform to our country. Let’s start with your Number One point: Knowledge.

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