Short Cycle Feedback In Edu

There is an increasing amount of talk about rapid cycle feedback as a way to foster research and development in the education sector. At Brookings Tom Kane offers some ideas for research.

2 Replies to “Short Cycle Feedback In Edu”

  1. Good diagnosis, poor remedy. Some day, y’all will get it. Short cycle is one of the latest buzz phrases. The approach offered is nothing new. Why Kane believes it is, is perhaps the greatest disappointment here. Quick results rewards policymakers with agendas, not children with needs.

  2. Short cycle in policy work is much like desiring a mosquito that will live for one thousand years.

    The BENEFIT of policy is the 15 year lag. Economists have taught this trick at Rotherham. Spew loads of nonsense, and then only face any backlash for a stupid opinion 15 years later when you can deny you ever said it.

    The VIRTUE of physics and math is that the feedback loop is INSTANTANEOUS, much like the first derivative at a point on a curve.

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