Common Core New York

A lot of attention on New York and Common Core.  NY Daily News weighs-in on the latest.  The editorial mentions the linkage between the ongoing fight in New York about teacher evaluation (which predates Common Core) and the implementation of the standards, which are the latest skirmish in that fight.  That’s an open secret in Albany. “Of course this is about teacher evaluation” says pretty much everybody, but that key dynamic doesn’t seem to penetrate much of the coverage.

2 Replies to “Common Core New York”

  1. Revising the mathematics standards is not equivalent to deciding to “return to the long road to nowhere”; instead, it is necessary to get our children to the destination we want for them. The Common Core mathematics standards will not have American children ready for calculus before college, whereas virtually all of our competitors in both east Asia and Europe have them studying calculus (to varying levels of depth) two years earlier, in what Americans would call 11th grade. Those entrusted with the standards-writing process blew it, especially on the mathematics side but also throughout the whole of high school. If the authorities insist upon implementing the standards as written, wise parents will do best to withdraw their children from the state schools, push for vouchers to make private education affordable, and then refuse to pay increased taxes to support a state education system that is not only useless for promoting their own children’s futures, but actually inimical to the interests of families who believe in the once common American belief that hard work can and should earn rewards in our educational and social system — a belief that many immigrants appear to share with a passion that those born in this country seem to have forgotten or given up on.

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