Via Mathematica: Access To Effective Teaching

Mathematica is hosting  forum next Tuesday at 11am in Washington looking at two recent studies on teacher effectiveness and their implications.  It will also be streamed online for those elsewhere. More information and you can register here.

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  1. Wow! That’s amazing for students who are willing to take extra help for the purpose of scoring better! Thanks for the information!

  2. So….. now comes the essential issue. Why do we pay public policy education reformers so much dough and pay or offer to pay top talent math and physics teachers so little?

    Is the education reform argument off track? Yes it is. It appears they deny that smart folks, the kind that are desperately needed in education in math and science, are not capable of doing what is in their best interest.

    To make it short and sweet, the education reform field thinks that top talent will willingly work and give their best for low pay, high risk to their future careers, and under the worst of working conditions because they are dull.

    They even make a more silly argument. They think smart people will work for scratch and willingly be treated poorly out of a sense of moral conscience and civic duty.

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