Real Clear Education

Ed Week’s Mark Walsh writes up a project launching in the spring: Real Clear Education.  Bellwether is partnering with Real Clear Politics to produce a daily education news site.  If  you’re a Real Clear reader now (and you should be) you know the model, reliable curated links early in the day to help people who need high quality information find it fast. There is a lot of garbage produced in our sector but there is also a lot of valuable content produced every day.  Finding the good stuff quickly is the challenge (I get hundreds of items pushed at me every day and it’s still a challenge). We hope to address that with Real Clear Education by providing the day’s most useful links on issues from pre-K through college and adult learning. Like RCP we’ll span the spectrum, this won’t be a site solely for any point of view, but we will have an uncompromising point of view on quality and utility. If our links are not useful to serious people then we’re failing at our mission.  And like RCP we’ll be pushing readers to the original sites – that’s our value add – to serve as a partner not competitor with other media outlets. As we grow look for original content, especially primary source interviews.

Stay tuned for more.

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