Pensions! New Website And Forum This Week

Bellwether is launching a new website,, that’s a compilation of research and analysis about teacher retirement issues.  This week the site is hosting a forum with varying perspectives about teacher pensions.  Teach Plus’ Celine Coggins is kicking things off.  The NEA, Arnold Foundation, Dean Baker, and VIVA later in the week.

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  1. There needs to be a new website entitled:

    Why is education reform a booming industry when we desperately need top talent math and science teachers?

    or better yet…

    Why do persistent wage anomalies exist in education which reward the wrong skill sets and overpay skill sets that are in surplus?

    or better yet….

    Why do we pay folks with degrees in public policy twice to three times as much as a physics or math teachers with advanced degrees in their subjects?

    or even better…

    Does education reform and the professionals in education reform add value to education?

    Education always works in the opposite direction of common sense and need.

    Answer? Not likely. In fact, never.

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