More Teacher Pensions, Plus Turnover In DC

Over at the forum on teacher pensions continues.  Josh McGee of Arnold Foundation argues the system isn’t working.  Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research says there is no crisis.

Also at, Chad Aldeman uses pension data to dig into the teacher turnover question in D.C., with interesting results. 

2 Replies to “More Teacher Pensions, Plus Turnover In DC”

  1. In other words, the guy is still drowning, but he is not dead, yet.

    How about the true cost in terms of direct, indirect, and externalities of teacher turnover.

    No doubt about it. DC’s turnover is cataclysmic.

  2. There is a memorable quote in which the director of human capital for DC (that is his title) bragged about his accomplishment of getting rid of teachers but that he still had a ways to go in getting rid of more of them.

    Geez, how about firing the hiring manager?

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