Sontag Prize

Lawrence Public Schools in Massachusetts is recognizing teaching talent from across the country with a cash prize, professional development, and recognition.  Learn more and apply here.

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  1. Greetings,

      I am sorry to email this link with a question. However, I could find no contact information on your site. I applied for the Sontag Prize according to the instructions that were afforded me on your site. I was asked to submit and did so; right away a window to nominate appeared. I never did receive a confirmation email; I applied on the 29th. A peer at Marshall had the same experience. One teacher I know did receive a confirmation. So I am at a loss – insofar as I did follow the protocols – to know whether or not my application was received. The site seemed very filled with glitches. For instance both the lead Math teacher and I could not initially get to the application as the page did not appear for several days. I tell you this because I am sure would want to know but have no idea if you do. 

                    Thanks –

                                  Bradford Green M.A. Literature

                                  Lead English Teacher, Breed Middle School

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