International Comparisons: Is The Big Idea The Small Ones?

Last week President Obama announced a competitive program to help create better connections between high school and skilled jobs.  It’s a good idea. And it’s also an approach you see in a lot of Western European countries.  In the education sector there are nonstop debates about what other countries do – often absent the U.S. context and often in unrealistic terms given our political system and culture.  Perhaps rather than the big macro-ideas, ‘let’s turn Houston into Helsinki,’ these more micro ideas are where the action lies?

2 Replies to “International Comparisons: Is The Big Idea The Small Ones?”

  1. The article I read was International Comparisons. I am an 11th grade high school teacher who has been pushing for high school students to learn a trade that they want for the future. I hope the grants are followed through with and it is not all talk. My state has also gone to Common Core, so the money put toward the training for the students would be great.

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