Caught NAEPin’?

New NAEP data out today, mixed picture with some progress but insufficient results overall.  Interesting understory though, anti-reform punching bags D.C. and Tennessee post noteworthy gains (in DC charter enrollment mixed in so relative performance of each sector won’t be known until later).  Everyone who has been busy using mostly flat NAEP to castigate reform progress the last few years suddenly doesn’t think it’s such a useful measure anymore…Causes? Probably multiple but the gains are noteworthy.

Anyway, here’s Washington Post and here’s Richard Whitmire in USAT.

Elsewhere, MA results will probably embolden Common Core critics as a talking point. HI makes gains.

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  1. Richard uses so many superlatives that he reaches an orgasmic frenzy.

    if you look at 8th grade reading, free lunch eligible and non, you see this for DC: Eligible
    2007 234 (average scale score)
    2009 237
    2011 235
    2013 241

    Non Eligible
    2007 253
    2009 256
    2011 259
    2013 271

    IN DCPS, at 8th grade reading, the non poor pulled the scores upward more than the non poor.

  2. 8th grade reading
    Parent did not finish high school
    2007 237
    2009 249
    2011 235
    2013 236

    Graduated College
    2007 246
    2009 248
    2011 249
    2013 259

  3. Gary Rubenstein is a Teach For America alum who is still teaching.
    He has looked at the NAEP results and made some comparisons and observations.

    In 2011, the average national score for the four main NAEP tests (4th grade reading, 4th grade math, 8th grade reading, and 8th grade math) was about a 250, with the total of the four scores being 1006. For 2013 the sum of these four scores, nationally, increased by 5 points to 1011. But some states increased by more than 5 points

    Though for the nation, the average sum of the four scores in 2013 was 1011, I noticed that the combined four scores for D.C., even with their 22 point gain, was just a 947 which was 64 points below the national average. Curious to see where that put them in comparison to other states, I made this chart.
    As can be seen, this puts D.C. in last place, way behind the second-to-last Mississippi.

    Again, D.C. is way behind, their students eligible for free lunch having a combined total of 913, which is 49 points below the national average for students eligible for free lunch. Tennessee has fared better, but still below the national average.

    Finally, I looked at how the infamous D.C. ‘achievement gap’ was doing comparing test scores of students eligible for free lunch with students who were not eligible. Again, D.C. finished last by a wide margin with a 157 point gap.
    There are many other things to analyze, and I’m looking forward to reading how others analyze the data. For example, it is curious that Louisiana had ‘gains’ that were smaller than the national average despite that state having, certainly, the most aggressive reforms occurring. For ‘reformers’ who are so obsessed with test scores and test score gains, this is certainly something that shouldn’t be ignored. Also, Washington and Hawaii were pretty high up on the ‘growth’ numbers even though Washington does not have charter schools and Hawaii has been very slow to adopt Race To The Top reforms so their ‘gains’ can’t be attributed to those.

  4. Let’s see, *DCPS 4th grade math scores rose 6 points (from 205 to 211) between 2003 and 2005, and 8th grade math increased 8 points (from 235 to 243) between 2000 and 2003. 4th grade reading rose 8 points between 2005 and 2007 (from 191 to 197) and 8th grade reading went up 6 point between 2007 and 2009 ( from 248 to 254).

    *Source: (then click on “District of Columbia”)

    Note that this all happened in different times spans all before “reform” came to town. So what were the causes? Couldn’t have been reform. If the teachers were all so crappy then, how did they pull off such big increases –equal to or larger than this year’s gains?

    Answer: No one knows and apparently no one in power cares to know. It would interfere with whatever their story line is and whoever is promulgating it.

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