2 Replies to “Be Thankful For “Suburban White Moms?””

  1. Provocative?
    More like stupid, like the Washington Post piece in the 80s about the supposed increase in spousal abuse after football games or the one from the early 2000s decrying the rampant cases of lollipop rainbow oral sex games among upper middle class white girls.

    I wonder if Frank would wander 40 miles to the west and examine the filthy conditions in Paterson, New Jersey public schools.
    Doubt it.

  2. Arne Dunca, a little less refined:

    [Parent] Sole said one sentence offended her beyond any other in [school board member] Canty’s email: “I have such a problem with questions that spring forth from obvious retardation but to squelch the matter I will address it,” Canty wrote.

    Sumter, SC

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