In The Trenches – Not As Many Trenches As You Might Think

I don’t do a lot of personnel news here, people can announce their own comings and goings just fine.  But one move happening now is worth a mention because of what it illustrates.

Julie Marlette is leaving the state education advocacy group 50Can, where she’s held several roles, to return to the New York State School Boards Association – where she once worked. That became public yesterday. Marlette, a former state legislative staffer, has also worked at Teach For America and is a reformer to be sure. Yet she’s also a favorite of the school boards association, obviously. Like many people working on this issue she has strong views but at the same time gets the nuance here.  Underneath the current inane and divisive national education conversation – fueled by people who need division as much as they need oxygen – there is more of that than you might think.  Thankfully.

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