Grand Bargain In CO?

NYT columnist Frank Bruni takes a look at Colorado’s education ballot initiative and a force behind it – Michael Johnston, whose reformist yet consensus building style is impacting CO policy in many ways.  One to watch next Tuesday.

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  1. Frank Bruni gets spanked:

    Can we talk? There’s no sign that Bruni has any idea what he’s talking about in this column. That said, it’s fairly clear that he knows a few talking points:

    At one point, Bruni says there’s “no magic bullet for student improvement;” Wendy Kopp recites that bromide in her sleep. As the column proceeds, Bruni shows facility with another mandated pundit point. We refer to the places where he discusses the role of those infernal teachers union.

    Bruni plays this familiar card throughout his column. Snarking nicely, he mentions the unions in five successive paragraphs.

    It never seems to occur to Bruni that many teachers in Colorado may know more about these proposals than he does. Judging from the column itself, we will venture a guess: it’s possible that everyone in Colorado knows more about this proposed overhaul than Bruni.

    Bruni doesn’t seem to know much about this “overhaul,” but he managed to kill a column this way.

  2. All this money is backed by Johnston and his corporate, hedge fund enablers. Significant funds will go to charters. No money goes to admin to, well, admin all this so it’s like an unfunded mandate for admin but of course that’s what the reformers want. Too bad even the unions got suckered into supporting this awful thing. I will be voting against it.

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