Guess This Garage – Win A Book

At Bellwether we’ve had bikes on the mind lately given some extracurriculars our team has been up to. But this garage belongs to someone who doesn’t work at Bellwether and is one of the coolest people personally and professionally that you’ll meet in our field. We haven’t had a good contest around here in a while so if you can guess who it belongs to in addition to bragging rights I’ll send you a free book from Harvard Education Press (if you work with her you’re ineligible). Guesses below or via email to me. Hint #1: She shares the garage with her husband, but most of the bikes belong to her, and it’s on Mountain Time.

Update: Clue #2: She has wrestled alligators and part of her job is helping people learn to wrestle school boards.

Clue #3: Her boss gave six figures to help on the pro-gun control side of today’s (Tuesday’s) special elections in Colorado.

Clue #4: She’s based in Boulder.

Update: Winner! Jordan Meranus wins.  It’s Becca Bracy Knight, Executive Director of the Broad Center.

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