Edujob: Director of Research and Policy @ Innovate Public Schools

Here’s a great policy/research job in the Bay Area: Director of Research and Policy at Innovate Public Schools:

“Innovate Public Schools is a new school reform organization in Silicon Valley focused on ensuring that all children, particularly low-income children, have access to great public schools.  We are building a movement of parents, business leaders, educators and elected officials working to make this vision a reality. Innovate is driven by the urgency that parents feel when their children are stuck in failing public schools.”

Here’s a link to the JD.

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  1. This $3 billion dollar outfit is going to do what for education? “The director of research and policy will work with the executive director to develop stronger accountability between the public schools and the larger community through data analysis and publications on student achievement. The focus will be on producing easy-to-understand school and district report cards across the region that highlight where low-income children and children of color are achieving at a high level, as well as where those children are failing.”

    They are going to out bad schools with report cards. Because if there is one thing we know works in education is to shame teachers, students, and schools into doing better and stop being poor.

    And make more jobs for TFA grads.

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