Five Edujobs!

“I’m goin’ to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come…” Could be you if you want to be the mayor’s education advisor there.  Meanwhile, everyone from Count Basie and Louis Armstrong to The Samples sang about Indiana.  You can be the new Executive Director of the Public Charter Association there – interesting charter sector there.  Challenging charter sector in Ohio but they are looking for a President and CEO for the Ohio Association of Public Charter Schools there.

Elsewhere: Part time alignment work for teachers at LearningList.  K12 has a communications role open.

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  1. Charter schools, as described by the radical FORBES:
    Charter School Gravy Train Runs Express To Fat City
    Charter schools are frequently a way for politicians to reward their cronies…. Too bad the kids in charter schools don’t learn any better than those in plain-vanilla public schools…
    Unimpressive, especially when you consider charter schools can pick and choose their students….Nor does the evidence show that charters spend taxpayers’ money more efficiently….
    About the only thing charters do well is limit the influence of teachers’ unions. And fatten their investors’ portfolios

  2. Ah, Kansas City, my hometown. “Best schools” still in Johnson County. In Kansas. Where the privileged live. Still one of the most segregated metropolitan areas in the nation.

    Thanks Phillip–nice to see Forbes acknowledge reality and hey, give ’em credit for their ability to still find a way to blame the federal government in the last line.

    PS, I grew up in Johnson County. White. Upper middle-class. My high school had 20 acres of undisturbed land for biology, a football stadium, really we had it all. Wealth and culture matter.

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