August Education Insider Is Out – Bennett, CORE Waiver, and Gainful Employment Is Back!

The Whiteboard Education Insider survey is out (pdf).  No tracking questions in this one but we asked the pool about three recent newsy issues with a lot of open-ended responses: The CORE waiver in California, the resurrection of the federal “gainful employment” rule-making process, and Tony Bennett’s resignation in Florida.  The results on all three are interesting but the Bennett reactions are must-read if you followed that.  We asked about the resignation itself (Insiders split 50-50, but not along partisan lines, on whether he should have resigned), impact this will have on Florida’s PARCC participation, and what it means for “A-F” grading as an accountability strategy. The comments are the best look at this whole issue I’ve seen.  Joy Resmovits writes some of it up here.

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